Konstantin Balakiryan Bio

Prior to his pioneering work stateside, Konstantin served for nearly three decades (beginning in 1971) as professor and head of the Natural Sciences Department (physics, chemistry and mathematics) at the Russian University of Friendship in Moscow, which was the second largest university in the Soviet Union. Between 1979 and 1987 of those years, he worked as vice-rector, Chief Educational Department.

Konstantin Balakiryan earned his master’s degree in Physics from Moscow Lomonosov University, post-graduate degree in Chemistry from Lomonosov State University, and his PhD in Physics from the Russian Academy of Science. He also holds a doctorate in Physics from Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University. 

Mr. Balakiryan’s primary research included study of fast processes in liquids and acoustical resonance; physical phenomena associated with acoustic waves in water solutions from infrasound to hypersound, and the use of acoustics as a tool to investigate other significant phenomena. Most of this research was in the state-of-the-art Laboratory of Solutions of the Lomonosov Moscow State University under the supervision of acclaimed Professor M.I. Shakparonov. 

Konstantin also conducted scientific research on the theory of chemical structure, reaction abilities, kinetics and chemical thermodynamics. He has also received medical patents, including for enabling rapid healing of displasia that has helped thousands of people, so that rather than being in a cast for 6-9 months, they can walk in 1-2 months.

- Moscow Lomonosov University (Russia) 1977
- Russian Academy of Science
- PhD in Physics from Russian Academy of Science
- Doctorate in Physics from Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University.
- Russian State High Commission of Certification
- Professor of Mathematical Sociology

Konstantin has also been an avid participant in conferences around the world over these decades, leading a lecturing circuit for professors and students at leading universities in Europe, including (but not limited to Leipzig University, Dresden Technical University, Berlin Humboldt University (all in Germany); Budapest Economic University (Hungary); Nasser Institute, Sofia (Bulgaria); and Santa-Clara University (Cuba). Participation in international conferences and exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Grenoble (France), Warsaw (Poland), Sofia (Bulgaria), Leipzig (Germany) –the Commercial and Industrial Exhibition; Awarded 1987 Diploma and Bronze Medal at The International Industrial Exhibition in Moscow.

Konstantin is also unusually gifted in languages. He is fluent in Russian, Armenian, and Georgian; and has a conversational level ability in English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Polish. Having interacted with him, I would classify his English as closer to "fluent" than "conversational."