Advancing Into The HYDROGEN AGE


Our Source for Sustainable ENERGY

The potential and efficiency of water as our primary fuel source has come of age...

Long thought to contain only 2 Hydrogen atoms, 

Now, with New Discoveries,

 we are able to utilize 18 Hydrogen atoms!

Konstantin Balakiryan

Professor Konstantin Balakiryan's concepts and earlier devices have already been verified by independent labs to produce 92% hydrogen from water, with further advances in development. 

Helping the world move into the Hydrogen Era, his ideas will solve problems and restrictive issues with using hydrogen as the basic energy fuel for most every use.

- Higher efficiency of hydrogen production.

- Eliminating the infrastructure and costs related to producing, transporting, storing, and distributing hydrogen and electrical energy.

- Curing the issues of longevity, efficiency, and weakest feature of the fuel cell, allowing for much longer useful life at higher efficiency.

- Extinguishing wildfires with in a safer more efficient manner.

- A more effective method of cleaning and purifying inside air systems, with more effectively and less cost.

Our water-hydrogen based energy solutions 

will serve all areas of energy needs,

On-site and On-board...

City buildings
Farm Equipment
Railroad Transportation
Multi-unit housing